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Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico. 21°11’59.4”N 86°42’45.4”W

We all love to travel!!


Lana Del Rey and Marina and The Diamonds Blog

"Gotta deal with your demons before they deal with you."

Brother Ali (via iusedtoloveherr)


"In Lak ‘ech"

Tú Eres mi otro yo/You are my other me.

Si te hago daño a ti/If I do harm to you,

Me hago daño a mí mismo/I do harm to myself;

Si te amo y respeto/If I love and respect you,

Me amo y respeto yo/I love and respect myself.”

in “Pensamiento Serpentino” (1971)  by Luis Valdez

Cihuatl Tiahui!! Mexica Tiahui!